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  1. Tips For Helping Weight Reduction In Kids

    Posted on February 1st, 2014 by Guest Blogger


    Trying to find a diet that your kids enjoy, but is also healthy for them can seem very complicated. When you encourage your youngsters to eat healthily, it can create pressure. How do you keep them from getting obsessed about their weight while ensuring they've got a excellent diet? Below are some pointers that will help you find a good diet for your kids. * Don't use food as a reward. This could end up being a habit for their lifetime if they consider a treat as a reward for good behavior.

    If you tell them they only get desert after eating their dinner, they can end up binging on food as rewards and make them only need to eat sweet treats. * Keep the sugar down in their diet. Instead of giving them desert after their food, try to give them more of the main course. Perhaps give them a bit of fruit. It can be tough, but they usually find that fruit is sweet and delightful, and without all the fat. * Do not let them snack too much.

    Only give them if they are required, and not sweet stuff. Some ideas are fruit bars, fresh fruit, unsweetened yogurt, and nuts or seeds. * Look out for advertising. V. Ensure they aren't eating unhealthy foods all the time, only get them the things they need on occasion. * Be an example.

    Kids copy the behavior of those around them so they're going to need to see you eating sensibly. If you set the example, they will follow. * Food variety is good.

    Make sure that the diet has lots of salads and proteins, beans, carbs like wholemeal pasta and wholegrain bread. So long as sensible food are eaten regularly unhealthy food is fine every once in a while.


  2. Psoriasis Diet

    Posted on November 2nd, 2013 by Guest Blogger


    If you want to see some real changes in your body and appearance, you need to certainly consider some changes in what you consume which finally makes up your Psoriasis Diet. Some changes go a good distance to ridding the body of damaging poisons that usually build up in everybody. Since some of these toxins come from the food we eat, it would behoove you to take a detailed look at exactly what you are consuming! Whenever possible, you want to be able to get rid of these poisons through the digestion and urinary tract and not through the skin since Psoriasis patients have enough to deal with vis their skin. If your doctor tells you that you have psoriasis and you start to debate psoriasis treatment, invariably she or he will touch on your eating habits and what must be modified as soon as possible. Doing hence will certainly lessen some of the symptoms. You want to consume whole foods and not ready-made foods.

    Just this one change alone can make anybody feel better, in any case if you have psoriasis or some other ailment. Naturally, try to seek out organic produce as this is much better than vegetables and fruit that've been the subject of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Don't forget to totally wash off any food before eating. Just in case you did not know, you must try to eat your fruits and vegetables in the raw state as cooking tends to destroy some of nature’s favorable nutrients.

    As well as vegetables and fruit, you need to include beans, nuts and grains which are also great in nutrition and fiber. Your body can deal while not adding fats in the psoriasis diet however a bit of fatty acids are required for proper nutrition as they have an vital part in reducing soreness. The prime source for these are cold water fish, green leafy plants and flax seed. Everyday in the well-liked press you read about how terrible salt is for you and that food high in sodium content can lead to hypertension and other tricky states. You should be aware that if you change how you salt your food and what you salt with, can make a real difference. To finish up you may be able to tell by this time that a psoriasis diet can be healthy for pretty much anybody and not just folks looking for psoriasis treatment. Why not begin today for a better tomorrow!


  3. Probiotic Action Speaker Fernando Perez Adds Some Understanding To A Recent Article On Web MD

    Posted on November 22nd, 2012 by


    On Nov twenty-one, Fernando Perez of Probiotic Action released a statement reacting to a recent article on WebMD. Stress has many unfavorable effects on our bodies, and our skin is no exception. According to an article on WebMD, press releases free stress may cause many skin problems – including acne, eczema and psoriasis – to get worse. Infrequently, the best acne solution is not enough for healthy skin.

    “Stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones, which tells your sebaceous glands to supply more oil. Greasy skin is more susceptible to acne and other skin problems.” The draft went on to say that stress can also cause to people to forget their daily running order of taking care of their skin, which may obviously worsen skin conditions too.

    • “Don’t neglect your skin. Take care of your skin, even though you're tired or stressed. It’s good for your skin and the remainder of your body.
    • Go for a walk around the block.
    • 7 to eight hours each night is ideal.

    • Say no. It’s OK to set limits and boundaries to lower your stress.
    • Talk to somebody. Fernando Perez wanted to add some more tactics folk can take care of their skin. While everyone should look after their mental fitness, it's also important that they look after their skin as well, and get the very finest acne solution they can.” . Probiotic Action is an advanced acne remedy that uses a topical probiotic containing the “good bacteria” that is frequently found on healthy human skin.


    • Skin Problems : Eight Common Irritants Of Eczema

      Posted on July 6th, 2012 by


      Skin problems linked to atopic eczema alter with each individual, however, all sufferers of this sort of dermatitis will make it obvious that the symptoms flare up and subside for no obvious reason. Atopic eczema is not transmittable. It is a re-occurring, regularly long-term, inflammatory skin condition with suspected genetic links to a weakened immune system. The skin becomes red, dry, itchy, and scaly alongside exhibits signals of weeping and distended areas.

      Although the scientific causes of the diverse reactions to irritants among people is unknown, it is on occasion easy to identify some of the more common triggers. Irritants and Triggers of Eczema Number * Toiletries and Perfumes Preservatives and alcohol in perfumes and cosmetics are common irritants. For many individuals affected by skin conditions related to eczema, they find the closer the products are to natural ingredients, especially those geared toward delicate skin, the more favorable their responses are to them. Number * Body Soaps and Fabric Detergents Many facial and body soaps contain harsh, often synthetic chemicals that strip the skin’s epidermal layer, creating skin problems like : sensitivities, aridness, and exudates (weeping skin). These “agents” work against therapies for eczema patients, who normally need thick emollients (moisturisers) and soap substitutes to soothe the skin. Number * Temperature Extreme temperatures of heat or cold can trigger flare- ups. In circumstances where you can control in-house temperatures, do so. Carry extra clothing when heading outdoors to beat off possible intense changes in temperature.

      They're well-known triggers, and frequently there's a conspicuous connection to a flare-up when it occurs just as you enter a bedroom. Regular changing of bed linen, and also carpet and mattress cleaning are highly recommended. Number * Stress Stress can initiate the onset of any underlying disease or trigger skin problems and it is thus endorsed that people who are frequently exposed to stressed conditions (time-sensitive projects, exams, cut offs, and family pressures) find time to relax and learn relaxing methodologies. Being mindful of any reactions to a food after a meal are ordinary suggestions of a difficulty. Wherever possible remove offending causes from your environment. Number * Clothing (wool) Cotton garments is generally best next to the skin and is less annoying than wool. Skin inequalities are usually the body’s outward appearance of an internal problem.

      Many eczema sufferers have reported fantastic results when bolstering with a daily consumption of omega three and six necessary fatty acids. Frequently finding inventive methods to avoid skin conditions linked with eczema are an indispensable part of managing the symptoms. There are plenty of important considerations that must be addressed if you have eczema. Proceed with the basic investigation for irritants, while controlling any risks associated with the living environment, to bring solace from this problematical skin imbalance.


    • Baobab fruit, a unique super fruit with high levels of natural vitamin C, potassium, calcium and plenty more

      Posted on June 12th, 2012 by Guest Blogger


      Since 2008, studies by various analysts have been undertaken to learn the true nutritional advantages of the baobab fruit and the results all point to a significant number of essential natural nutrient elements that are fine-tuned and balanced. Based mostly on latest studies at the College of Otago, distributing press releases New Zealand, laboratory trails have shown that vitamin C can kill a variety of carcinogenic cells. Baobab fruit which is high in all these, including a formidable array other essential minerals, nutrients and antioxidants is a perfect candidate for natural energy packed meals for children and adults.

      The list of nutrients in baobab fruit is much too in depth in depth to write down here (see scientific pages, information sheet available upon request). Inner and outer benefits . What gives baobab its flexibility when it comes to potential applications is that the powder is soluble and has a very refined and pleasing taste, unlike Chia seeds which have limited commercial uses. It's been called a mild, sweet and tangy sherbet. This is obviously an advantage as it can be added to just about any food or drink with terribly minimal change to a base products taste.

      The oil is procured by mechanically cold-pressing the baobab seeds and undergoes no processing. This pure, unrefined, fine grade, golden-yellow colored oil with a slight nutty smell is particularly known for treatment of skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. It's also rich in Omega three, 6, and 9 and can be used to treat skin burns. Viable, ethical and carbon positive . Another affirmative property of baobab fruit powder is that as an end product, it requires no economic scale processing . Stalwart Baobab Limited, employs a straightforward mechanical process that divides the seeds from the dry fruit pulp (powder) and all parts of the baobab fruit are used . The shells are used as firewood, therefore reducing the load on native hardwood trees, which may instead have been cut down for firewood and the ash from the fire of the baobab shells is loaded in potash and used as soap.

      What's more, the extracted seed surroundings are given away to small scale agricultural farmers as fodder for their stock therefore reducing the result on grazing land. All this makes sure that baobab fruit is a truly carbon positive product. They're not subject to any synthetic additions, insecticides or such damaging chemicals.

      This production is to paraphrase, organic by default – a status given to it by the United Nations. . The initiator of Forceful Baobab Limited, Mo Abba, commented, “We are conscious that the baobab trees, with other native vegetation have been a crucial source of valuable nourishment and livelihood for Africans for generations. We want it to stay that way. Rustic communities based around our operations benefit straight from the sales of baobab. Note to editors : . The method concerned intensive research, communications with rustic communities and last approval from the European Commission in 2010. Mighty Baobab's fruit powder is Kosher and Halal authorized, Vegan authorized and suitable for Gluten free diets.

      For full information contact : information (at) mightybaobab (dot) com.


    • Stop Eczema With The Best Creams

      Posted on June 8th, 2012 by Guest Blogger


      Eczema causes extraordinary itching and soreness of the skin. Folk having this condition suffer from a lot thanks to the aridity. This is a skin affliction due to a genetic predisposition. Creams that reduce the aridness and itchiness are believed to be effective . Skin illnesses are tough to treat as our skin can become long suffering to many compounds if not used as suggested. The cortisone containing creams work well during the initial stages and in passage of time, develop tolerance and the efficiency decreases. The have also got certain side-effects like queasiness and headache.

      The cortisone in these will reduce the protection, which make the body simply subject to contagions. They can effectively cure the symptoms and causes of eczema. They are the xerotic, atopic rash and the nummular type. A consultation with the doctor will exhibit the type of eczema and the likely methods of treatment for this. The intensity and the dimensions of the area affected will determine the potential of the cream to be used. The skin type and the kind of cream used should match. Many home remedies are known to reduce the redness and itch due to this condition.

      Research will yield some good alternatives to cure this condition. So that the skin has be kept damp at all the time. If the skin cracks it may well lead to many other illnesses. Some consider that the emu lotion and oil have some properties that are excellent for the skin. They're found to reduce the swelling and the aridness. This lotion has some anti-microbial properties that may scale back the chance of infections.

      This is known to be better than many over the counter drugs and creams. Natural creams cure eczema without any complications. A high-quality diet plan will keep the body healthy and increase the protection. Include a large amount of healthy and natural foods like vegetables and fruit to gain protection. Natural foods and use of natural creams will reduce the skin condition enormously, and keep the skin flexible to prevent further onset. Use creams that are non-greasy. Grease will permit the dust to settle and further invite contagions.


    • FiteBac(TM) Launches Hand Gel To Combat Dry, Cracked Hands For Those Suffering Work-Related Occupational Rash

      Posted on March 6th, 2012 by


      In many states, occupational contact rash ranks first among all notified occupational diseases and comprises 30 percent of all occupational sicknesses [1]. The emerging fiteBac biotech company believes it has the solution for occupations with a high commonness of contact and irritant rash, also known as lingering eczema. Professions susceptible to developing hand dermatitis, dry, cracked hands tend to be professions that frequently use mild irritations on a regular basis,eg water (wet work), detergents, cleansing agents, hand cleaners, chemicals, cutting liquids, and abrasives. Occupational dermatitis has a big economic effect on many professions and can be embodied by social and mental implications too. Economically, costs are very high due to the cost of medical care, worker’s compensation, disability payments and indirect costs associated like lost workdays, loss of productivity and costs of occupational retraining [1]. Socially and psychologically, a study has suggested that 38% of folks with eczema, or dry hands news release distribution, spotted interference in their social life [1]. An individual's hands can affect outlook and self image.

      The appearance of an employee’s hands is crucial in several industries, such as within food service and catering, and could negatively affect the psyche of a worker perceived as having an “odd” skin disease. . “fiteBac Hand Gel is a patent-pending formula that was initially sold to healthcare industry, but now is also recognized outside the healthcare industry as highly advantageous for those subject to work related dermatitis,” says Kirk Kimmerling DDS. The fiteBac Hand Gel is free of common irritations,eg alcohol, water, and fragrances, and has hydrophobic properties that help to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier, helping to keep hands in good condition and soft without the oily feeling of other moisturising gels on the market. About fiteBac(TM) SkinCare, LLC, and KHG : . FiteBac SkinCare, LLC, is a subsidiary company of Kimmerling Holdings Group, LLC (“KHG”), a Georgia-based biotech company that has developed an antimicrobial platform intellectual property technology.

      KHG was founded in 2009 by Kirk Kimmerling, DDS, dentist in Marietta, GA and Dan Kearney. They engaged a gang of highly accomplished chemists and scientists retired from Fortune five hundred firms and analysts from major universities. In doing this, KHG has developed technology with several patents pending which has application well beyond dental materials. Exciting potentials in medical, plastic, composite, coating, and other applications are forthcoming.

      In addition, other applications are in assorted stages of development. To discover more about fiteBac SkinCare Germicidal Hand Softening Gel, watch our fiteBac SkinCare video. 1. Occupational Skin Sicknesses. 2005.


    • Dry Skincare Tips From Board-Certified Dermatological Doctor, Channing Barnett MD

      Posted on February 28th, 2012 by Carolyne Budd


      Already feeling dry and itchy as the weather changes? Learn from Barnett Dermatology founder and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. “Dry skin, AKA xerosis, is a typical problem,” says Doctor. Barnett. “Particularly as the weather becomes cooler and the air becomes dryer. “What we do not realize,” announces Dr . Barnett, “is that basic daily activities, for example showering, hand washing and towel drying, remove moisture from the skin.” . While washing hydrates the skin briefly, it actually takes away the skin’s oily lipid layer and over the long run causes more moisture loss than gain.

      “One or two easy things can make a big difference in moisturising the skin,” says Doctor. Barnett. “Bathe or shower in lukewarm water, because hot water dries out the skin. Try and limit your showering time to fifteen minutes or less. Bathing should be done no more than once a day (every other day is even better). Dr . Avoid vigorous use of a washcloth, and when toweling dry, don't rub the skin.

      Pat dry or blot to leave some moisture on the skin. “Apply a moisturizer (emollient) to the skin immediately after bathing in order that it holds in the moisture from the shower,” announces Dr. Barnett free news release “Reapply your moisturizer at bedtime and at other times during the daytime if possible.” . Emollients can be in the shape of ointments, creams or lotions. They ought to be fragrance free. Private tops of Doctor.

      Barnett’s include Eucerin Calming Creme, CeraVe Moisturing Cream, and channingMD’s Healing Lotion for dry, cracked and irritated areas. . For laundry, try All Free Clear, Tide Free & Mild or Cheer Free & Gentle detergents.

      Avoid using fabric softeners, especially in the dryer. Avoid annoying fabrics such as wool or other scratchy fabrics. One can never go wrong with cotton.

      “Utilise a humidifier in your house in the central heating season. If sweating causes itching, tweak your surroundings and activities to minimize sweating,” asserts Doctor. “Do not forget to hydrate by drinking masses of water” . About Barnett Dermatology . We treat all skin problems with the latest methodologies and handiest remedies available, and believe it's important to balance professionalism with empathy and patient-oriented care.

      All patients in our practice are always seen by Dr. Jay G. Barnett or Doctor.

      Barnett at each of their office visits, and receive all their treatments and services straight from their dermatological doctor. Channing Barnett, MD . 212-734-2800 . barnettdermatology.


    • Creams For Itchy, Dry Skin- Relief For Eczema

      Posted on September 15th, 2011 by Carolyne Budd


      Eczema Creams For Itchy Skin Rashes – What You Should Know

      eczema will cause the skin to become inflamed, dry, irritated, and itch. This skin disease is due to an over exposure to a powerful irritant like detergents or any allergic materials. This skin disorder is caused by other things, including being heredity and an overactive immune system.

      The areas on the body that many people suffer eczema include areas on the face, eyelids, chest, elbows, neck, ankles, and knees. This being said, you have to be careful in deciding on the lotion for eczema since the degree of the skin condition might differ from individual to individual. A mild moisturizing cream is critical.

      How Much Skin Lotion Should I Use?

      Only certain parts of the body should have moisturizer applied, as the ingredients contained in the creams and lotions do not pass through the skin. The skin of an eczema sufferer will be red, scaly and dry due to a loss of moisture. This could increase the chance of a bacterial infection of the skin. Because of this, it is found that the best eczema lotion for your itchy rash is one that will aid the skin in keeping in your skins natural moisture.

      Other creams that will not aid in stopping the itchy rash and should be avoided at all costs, contain ingredients which include spices, citrus fruits and flowers. The best lotion for eczema skin relief should be really mild with a low amount of perfume. Another vital thing that you must note in the lotion is the percentage of the lipid oil.

      Eczema symptoms can be reduced and forestalled by simply keeping the skin entirely hydrated by using a high quality lotion.

      The Best Skin Creams For treating Eczema

      Some of the best creams for treating eczema are:

      1) Any moisturizers which do not contain alcohol, fragrances, parabens, or irritants and also contain a minimum of eighty percent oil.

      2) Oatmeal Products – One of the most useful and the most treatable product noted for eczema.

      3) Vitamin E cream also calms the skin and is very beneficial for the people afflicted by eczema.

      4) Hormonal – While these creams work particularly well, they may cause dreadful side-effects so they shouldn’t be utilized for a lengthy period.