The Various Reasons for Migraine Head pain

Posted on October 30th, 2011 by Guest Blogger

It can be a fair guess that every person has suffered the distress of a headache. Whenever it comes to painfulness, the prevalent, ordinary headache does not even begin to compare to migraine headaches. I went through a period when much younger, and I used to have migraines approximately once a month. I am so thankful they stopped because they were exceptionally painful. There’s much to be learned about migraines because they aren’t fully understood by researchers. There are many reasons for this not the least of which is individuals can perceive and feel pain in distinct ways. But there is far more to this story which is complicated and has many pieces to it.

Migraine headaches are a general area in which a large amount of data has been constructed. This sort of headache is sometimes known as a vascular headache. Seemingly either very low or perhaps high temperatures may induce a migraine episode. Then there can be other reasons such as insufficient amounts of various physical needs connected with eating and sleeping. The same as with so many other medical problems, there are certain triggers that apparently influence this condition. Another reason for a migraine can be extreme and chronic levels of stress.

There continues to be research regarding the special features of migraines such as the fact they build up more incrementally than other headaches. However, that is just an additional clue about migraines, but each and every piece of the puzzle helps. Every bit of knowledge can offer some kind of clue. There may also be a genetic factor involved, however that would not seem to include all migraine sufferers. That can point to other potential causes such as environmental triggers that produce the same effect.

For women, there may be a connection with hormone changes and migraines. The usual menstrual cycle may cause a migraine either leading up to or following the cycle. In these occasions, doctors are mindful of fluctuations in estrogen levels. More periods of hormone changes include menopause and certainly pregnancy. As perhaps thought, some women report greater likelihood to suffer migraines in the course of these periods, as well. The severity of a migraine can be made worse for some if they have replacement therapy for hormones. Alternatively, all of those experiences do not appear to all women who endure migraines.

There are many other factors involved that may bring about a migraine including sensory stimulation such as loud noises, certain odors, bright lights and an assortment of smells such as perfumes and other diverse odors. So there is no clear single cause that might be pinpointed with this affliction. Some people can get them from physical activities that tend to be greater than what that person normally gets. So there is certainly still a long way to go before this condition is understood and effectively treated.

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